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O’Learys - a part of Boston

The USA is a mixture of the whole world. Particularly in Boston, which is one of the continent's oldest cities. The mix of people, sports and tastes has created something unique which can be summed up in one word: Boston. In the city's many sports bars, you can experience the atmosphere, an atmosphere which is so dense that you can nearly reach out and touch it. They serve great food, taking their inspiration from many parts of the world. As a guest at O’Learys, you'll get to experience this.

Classic American and Tex-Mex food, freshly made from high-quality ingredients. There’s something for everyone, from snacks to salads to square meals for hungry guests. Vegan and vegetarian dishes are always available.

Burgers - Ribs - Wings - Quesadillas - Salads - Grill and more

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