Meal4Meal programme


Thank you for ordering our Specials and helping children in the world to get food for the day. Together we have contributed to 2,1 million school meals.

O’Learys in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland supports UNA Sweden and the campaign School meals becomes knowledge to stop hunger and give the opportunity to more children to start school. O’Learys contributes with the same amount to the Meal4Meal program as you contribute when you order one of our Specials. Together we had in October 2017 contributed to 2,1 million school meals. Let us make sure that more children get a chance for a brighter future!

Some thoughts about Meal4Meal from our Meal4Meal Ambassadors

- Meal4Meal is important because it creates so many positive effects, and it is so much more than just food. Towards a brighter future!

Malin Karlgren, O’Learys Falköping, Sweden

- Every time a guest chooses one of our Specials, I know that a child receives a school meal. It’s an amazing feeling to make a difference!

Sara Svendsen, O’Learys Avesta, Sweden

- It is important to do good things and give back to those in need. Our guests are happy that they can help children this way.

Mikko Hiltula, O’Learys Kuusamo, Finland

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See the film about the Swedish United Nations Association of School Meals project becomes knowledge.