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Year of Proud at O'Learys - Superb Service Award in September

We acknowledge our staff who has achieved the award Superb Service as a part of the Mystery Shopper evalutation and survey. Noora was awarded with Superb Service in September.

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Magnus Christensen is new CFO at O'Learys Trademark

​Magnus Christensen is new CFO for the franchise organization O'Learys Trademark. The role covers the main responsibility for the company's finance department, including payroll, HR, IT and office administration.

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Climbing the top of Kebnekaise makes a contribution of 34 000 SEK to the Swedish UN Association's project "Flicka"

​24 employees from O'Learys' restaurant chain and partners reached in September the top of Kebnekaise, Sweden's highest mountain. O'Learys Trademark donates 1 000 SEK to Swedish United Nations Association's project Flicka (Girl) for each participant who reached the top and the company Dafgårds contributes with an additional 10 000 SEK.

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