O'Learys is working continuously to reduce the environmental impact and to improve the environment. O'Learys will contribute actively to a sustainable society.

Our aim is to save energy and natural resources in our daily work and that we act ethically in line with appropriate laws, regulations and licenses. Waste products are recycled as much as possible.

For all decisions regarding purchases and operations, we have an active and open dialogue regarding environmental issues.

Purchases: When purchasing goods and services we strive to choose the products and services with the least adverse environmental impact. For instance we have added several Oumph! dishes to our menu. It is made from soybeans which is resource efficient and have low climate impact. We are also carbon offsetting all the hamburgers we sell at our restaurants in Europe.

Transports: We plan our purchases and business travels to reduce the environmental impacts from transports.

Usage: We conserve our resources and minimize the number of chemical products as well as managing and storing these according to the applicable laws.

Waste products: We sort our waste in accordance with given conditions.

Food hygiene: We have strict standards regarding food hygiene to prevent negative environmental impact.

The results of our environmental efforts should lead to favorable conditions for sustainable business development and a responsible approach to environmental issues. Through continuous improvements it is our ambition to be a role model in the markets where we do business.