Climate Impact

We are constantly working to try to reduce our climate impact and have now taken a big step in that direction. From the first of January 2017, we carbon offset all the hamburgers we sell at our restaurants in Europe.

Carbon offsetting

We want to be a part of reducing a negative climate impact on our environment. We have therefore chosen to carbon offset, our top seller - the hamburger - which has, on our menu, the biggest environmental impact.

The LifeStraw Carbon for water project

We have chosen the LifeStraw project in collaboration with Tricorona, a Swedish company specializing in carbon offsets. We choose LifeStraw because this is a project that not only have an impact on the environment, but also socially and locally.

The LifeStraw project provides life-saving water filters to families in Kenya, reducing their risk of contracting waterborne diseases and exposure to indoor air pollution, while also cutting greenhouse gas emissions.